The future of technology

Lately I have become interested in the next big development in technology.  What’s the next high tech device that will be embedded into our palm?  Many speculate that some sort of constant connection to the grid, such as a thing called ‘Evernet’, is what will spark a revolution.

Technology has always been the tool by which communication evolves. Successful new technologies spur the media to expand with it.

For instance, consider social media. The social network giants, Facebook and Twitter, used the internet as a platform to grow, along with other sites.  But with the development of the iPhone, Blackberry, IPad and other portable devices, these media have become accessible at any moment!

Additionally to being ever-connected to the internet, the use of geo-targeted applications will expand the communications industry.  This includes using GPS as a marketing tool for businesses, similar to the social networking site foursquare, which allows users to sign into a location to receive awards and discounts at these establishments.

But just around the cyber corner lays the possibility for businesses to send digital coupons or discount notices using GPS when a potential customer is close by.  Having constant connection to the internet would allow businesses to locate consumers through satellite.  When a potential costumer is near, a digital coupon would be sent to the individual’s portable internet device. GPS aided advertising would eliminate superfluous promotion and increase business through proximity.  This application would alter the industry of advertising.

For a more information on the ever-developing media world from the viewpoint of one expert, read Adam Ostrow’s article “Social Media: What’s Next?”. Ostrow is the editor-in-chief of Mashable, an online guide to other social media.



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