The two Bs: bonding and branding

Kent State University hosted a great chapter development session called “Bonding with the Pros: Building a relationship with PRSA.”

This session really encouraged me to reach out to local PRSA members and to also connect our own Carolina PRSSA chapter to more PRSA professionals. Kent State played a hilarious video on what NOT to do when interacting with professionals. They discussed proper email conduct and advised people to never send an email addressed as to “whom it may concern.”

They also encouraged chapters to host collaborative events with the local PRSA chapter. I thought this was a great idea and something we can definitely do at UNC.

We got a lot of really great ideas for having a networking dinner with PRSA, going on agency tours and having a collaborative luncheon. I think that PRSA and PRSSA can both benefit from each other and hopefully swap ideas and information in the future.

This session was a great way to start the conference. It also started our thought process for how we can take these new ideas home. I think our own chapter will benefit from having six PRSSA members attend national conference.

Next, Indiana State University put on a session about building your personal brand. We have all heard the talks about making your online presence relate to your true self. But Indiana State gave a different take on your personal brand by talking more about your resume, cover letter and portfolios than your online presence.

They emphasized putting action verbs into your resume. After hearing this I wanted to think of as many action verbs as possible and add them to my resume.

They also mentioned in their presentation that you are what you publish and you should treat yourself like a salesperson. Think about what you are trying to sell and what you are trying to show people.

Indiana State finished by saying a few classic things about interviews and resumes; do not lie, be diplomatic, do research before an interview and write a handwritten thank- you note afterward.

I had heard most of this information before but it really emphasized what I should be doing to prepare myself for a future career. We can always do more to look polished and professional and it should be in the back of our heads at all times.

Maria Mayorga, Special Events Director


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