Ideas for chapter development

While at PRSSA National Conference I attended multiple chapter development workshops, two of which were hosted by Penn State PRSSA and DePaul University PRSSA.  These two workshops gave me many ideas for ways that we could improve our Chapter at UNC.  I’ll list out some ideas and how we may implement them in our organization.  Leave any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions you may have!

1. Committees:  The way Carolina PRSSA is currently structured there are general members and the executive board.  One possibility for a change in the structure of our organization is to start committees that would allow for increased involvement in Carolina PRSSA.  Possible committees could include a fundraising committee, speaker committee, professional development committee and publicity committee.  Committees would meet after the general body meeting and be led by an executive board member.  General members would be able to take a larger role in the direction of PRSSA by joining a committee.

2. Point System:  This is an idea that the executive board is seriously considering for Carolina PRSSA.  Different PRSSA activities would count for different points and the general member with the most points by the end of the year would be awarded the Carolina PRSSA Member of the Year award and cash prize.  For example 1 point would be award for each speaker meeting attended, 2 points for every workshop attended, 3 points per blog post to the PRSSA blog, 5 points for attending a NCPRSA event etc.  Obviously, if we institute this we would begin counting points in the Spring 2011 semester.

3. Fundraising:  Many of the other chapters at conference had incredible fundraising initiatives that raised enough money to send their members to conference with plenty to spare.  Increased levels of funding would help our chapter in a number of ways and expand the ways Carolina PRSSA can benefit you.  I think that a good place to start would be implement one fundraising event per semester.  In addition to the benefits of more money, it would give members another opportunity to work together and form lasting friendships.

Let us know what you think!

Stacy Merrick, President



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