Everything internships – with the Intern Queen

This session was hosted by Lauren Berger, the woman known as the Intern Queen because of her 15 internships during her four years of college.

Her website is www.internqueen.com. This site lists numerous internships and lets you send in your resume to apply for them. Berger has personally worked with or knows all the people who are looking for interns on her website. Her advice is to apply to at least 10 internships each semester and that the cover letter is important, as it connects the dots.

Berger said to handwrite thank you cards and to wear a business suit not a skirt to an interview, because the skirt might be too short. She talked more about the cover letter and that we should look at the mission statement of the company to try and incorporate their lingo into the cover letter.

Berger said that people are going to get rejected all the time and they need to get over it. She talked about how internships are a place to learn more about yourself and how time spent in an internship might put you on a different path than your friends. She advised students to take initiative or you won’t get anywhere. It is also nice to have letters of recommendation sitting around. She also mentioned something different, that you can make a template of a letter recommendation for yourself and just have the person you’re asking making any adjustments if needed then sign it.

Berger told us to write down 10-20 places you want to work and then block out two hours to work and apply to them so everything can be done in one day and you can follow up after two weeks. The last thing she mentioned is that you should be confident and speak clearly about yourself and to have tight, clear answers.

Victoria Yu, Conference attendee


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