Sports PR: be a salesperson for your team

I was really interested in attending the session called “Creating a Career in Sports and Entertainment.”

The speakers were:

John Ingoldsby, IIR Sports and Entertainment, Inc.
Doug Hicks, D.C. United
Kurt Kehl, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Wendy Washington, JIVE Label Group

They all gave insightful information into different areas of entertainment and sports public relations. I was very interested in attending this session because of my interest in doing public relations for a sports team. This session re-emphasized my desire to work in this field. They all spoke very highly of their jobs and of how much they loved what they did.

They gave advice on talking to the media and they ALL said to follow up. They all advised us not to give up when talking to the media or following our dreams. They were really encouraging us to love our careers.

Another surprising thing they mentioned was how much sports public relations was like being a salesperson. You have to sell things for your team/athlete and it will help you craft your message. I thought this was very helpful and informative.

Their advice in times of crisis (something Wendy Washington knew a lot about – Chris Brown is a part of JIVE.) was to listen to the legal strategy and then craft your message. You must know that in order to go forward. They also said to have one voice and one path to make decisions. In the end, one message will make it easier.

I loved going to this session and I found that it really focused my interests in sports public relations. They were all really great speakers and they were very knowledgeable about their field.

Maria Mayorga, Special Events Director


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