RECAP: National Conference days 1 & 2

Friday afternoon began all of the conference activities, starting with a speech from Alan Kelly of Playmakers Systems. His lecture was interesting, however, many of us didn’t agree with his opinions on social media. Kelly believes that social media is a passing fad and instead, he focused on influencing PR strategies. We, on the other hand, think social media is a revolution in communication and is here to stay.

Next, came chapter development sessions and Amy and I learned tons of ways to enhance the benefits or members receive from joining our chapter…be on the look out for more posts asking for your input on how to best implement these ideas in our chapter.

Today we started off listening to the keynote address by Jim Margolis, a partner from GMMB. This has been the highlight so far and was an absolutely incredible presentation. He spoke on the Obama presidential campaign of 2008 and shared many clips that couldn’t help but get you pumped about being involved in politics.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for more posts and tweets!

Stacy Merrick, President
Amy Dobrzynski, Vice President


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