Five reasons why you should go to National Conference

Carolina PRSSA girls at the 2009 National Conference

I know that we just got back to UNC and many of you are not even thinking about classes yet, let alone what you’re going to be doing in October. But the deadline to register for this year’s PRSSA National Conference in Washington, D.C. is less than two weeks away!

I went to last year’s National Conference in San Diego, Calif. and had a wonderful time. Since I’m the one of the two returning members from that trip, I thought I would share some of my insights with you.

Here is a list of five reasons why you should register for the 2010 PRSSA National Conference.

1. Bonding – National Conference is a great way to bond with other Carolina PRSSA members. Most of the Executive Board is attending this year, which means you have a whole weekend to pick our brains on everything from internships to classes. We’re working hard to make our chapter more social this year, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to make lasting relationships with your Carolina PRSSA peers.

2. Networking – I went to National Conference last year and met SO many public relations students from all over the country. You never know when these connections are going to come in handy, plus it’s always fun to keep in touch with people via Twitter! (Note: I suggest ordering business cards in addition to bringing your resume – they’re MUCH easier to hand out!)

3. Professional Development – National Conference gives you the opportunity to hear from so many wonderful public relations professionals. I learned so much last year from all of the speakers. I know it can be intimidating to network with professionals, but if they’re speaking at a PRSSA event, chances are they WANT to help you. You never know what you can learn from the pros. Check out a list of all the speakers on the PRSSA National Conference website!

4. Personal Development – I know that I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my public relations degree after graduation. There are so many aspects of public relations that I love, and it’s hard to pick just one to focus on. But don’t worry, there’s a session at National Conference for just about everything. Whether you’re into crisis communication or the entertainment industry, there’s a session for you! Who knows, you might even discover a passion you never knew you had!

5. Fun – Most importantly, National Conference is FUN. There’s plenty of time for you to explore D.C. and have fun while you’re there. I know we all love Chapel Hill, but sometimes it’s nice to get away for a weekend. And even when you’re attending sessions, I promise you’ll never be bored!

This year’s conference is Oct. 15-19. But hurry, you must register by Sept. 13!

We’ll be holding an interest meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. in Carroll Hall for those who are interested. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Amy Dobrzynski, Vice President


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