Change is a wonderful thing

As we get ready to head back to Chapel Hill for another year, our Exec Board wanted to update you on a couple of changes that Carolina PRSSA will be making in the coming months.

1. Meetings – Our president, Stacy Merrick, has generated a wonderful new schedule for Carolina PRSSA meetings to help you manage your time effectively, while still remaining an active participant in our Chapter. We are no longer going to cram as many meetings as possible into a month, because we realize that as UNC-CH students you have many other priorities. Instead, each month will have a theme. One meeting will feature a guest speaker who is an expert in the field, and another meeting will be a hands-on workshop. That’s right, TWO meetings a month. While we encourage all PRSSA members to come to ALL meetings, it is up to you do decide which topics will be most beneficial to you.

2. National Conference – Last year, Carolina PRSSA sent five members to PRSSA National Conference in San Diego. It was the first time that we can remember that Carolina PRSSA has had a persence at National Conference, and we want to keep up the tradition. Several Exec Board members have already signed up for this year’s National Conference in Washington, D.C. and we encourage all members to do the same. National Conference is a great way to meet public relations students from around the country and network with individuals. Our Vice President, Amy Dobrzynski, went to National Conference last year, and had an amazing time. If you have any questions about it, you can contact her or any of the other Exec Board members.

3. Participation – The entire Exec Board wants to help you get the most out of your Carolina PRSSA membership. That means we want your input on meetings, social activities, special events and special projects. We have an expanded Exec Board this year to help make our Chapter as productive as possible, but we need input from our members while planning. We have a new LinkedIn group where you can talk to current PRSSA members and alumni about their experiences. We also encourage you to interact with our Exec Board through e-mail ( Twitter and Facebook. Let us know what you think!

Look out for more updates from the Exec Board as we get closer to the school year! We’re excited to see you all in the fall!

Amy Dobrzynski & the entire Carolina PRSSA Exec Board


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